We tailor your massage to suit you, so whether you simply want to relax and unwind or you want a deeper knot busting massage, we can ensure you leave feeling so much better.

What happens during a massage?

After an initial discussion to decide which treatment is most beneficial for you, we leave you in private to undress to your underwear and lie on a sumptuously warmed bed where you are covered in fluffy towels to maintain your modesty.

We use a variety of massage techniques to sooth tired, aching muscles and ease tension and knots. The aromatherapy balm and massage pressure we use is tailored to your needs to leave you feeling totally relaxed with a fabulous sense of wellbeing.

At the end of the treatment we leave you for a few minutes to wake up and have a glass of water so you can re emerge into the world and continue with your day in a much more relaxed way.

To book your massage please telephone: (0191) 2818775 or you can request a booking online using the links below:

How much does a massage cost?

Back Massage

£35.00 (30 mins appointment time)

A deep relaxation massage to your back, neck and shoulders. We target any areas of tension and knots and tailor the pressure to suit you so that you finish feeling totally de-stressed and relaxed.


£52.00 (40mins appointment time)

A deeply relaxing massage treatment which begins by relieving tension and smoothing knots in the muscles of your back. We then gently but firmly ease out all tension in your neck and shoulders. This heavenly treatment concludes with deep pressure point and soothing massage to your whole scalp to leave you feeling more calm and relaxed than you have in a long time - bliss!

Aroma Back Relief

£55.00 (40 mins appointment time)

dissolves stress with deep massage and an aromatic mask on the back.

Reflexology & mini Foot Treatment

£62.00 (1 hour appointment time)

Reflexology & mini Foot Treatment

Aromatic Full Body Massage

£65.00 (1 hour appointment time)

From the tips of your toes to the tension points of your scalp, your therapist's trained fingers ease, soothe and relax every part of your body.

Aromatic Body Envelopment

£75.00 (1hr 10mins appointment time)

A delicious cocooning sensation as your body is gently exfoliated, massaged and then enveloped in a luxurious heated blanket.

Full Body & Facial Massage

£85.00 (1hr 20mins appointment time)

From the tips of your toes to the tension points of your scalp, your therapist's trained fingers ease, soothe and relax every part of your face & body.

Sumptuous Mum to be Treatment

£90.00 (1hr 20mins appointment time)

Designed to meet your needs at each stage of your pregnancy after the first trimester. These specialised treatments focus on preventing the appearance of stretch marks, preserving the elasticity of the skin and reducing water retension, restoring comfort to aching legs and rebalancing pigmentation and complexion problems. Includes full body massage, tummy mask and mini facial.

Beauty salon opening times

Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm

Saturday: 9am - 5pm

Sunday: 10am - 4pm

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